Faye Valentine is a female bounty hunter and one of the main characters of the series.


Faye is 77 (biologically 23) year old woman who lives on The Bebop with Spike, Jet, Ed and Ein. She spent 54 years of her life in suspended animation after an accident that had occurred in her days on Earth. Since then she has started to hunt for bounties.


Faye tall

Faye's Appearance

Faye has short, dark purple hair and dark green eyes. She wears red lipstick and a head ban. Her outfit consist of a small yellow sleveless jacket, a long red cloth, suspender like yellow shorts, stockings on her legs white boots. She often changes her outfit during the series.


Faye is a very greedy person, she has a strong love for money. She has a tendency of doing things on her own. She has shown her emotional side in the series and before multiple times.





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